Just Having Fun

I mentioned in It’s a Wash that I was having a hard time breaking it off with guys I wasn’t really into. I think that may have worked in my favor. I’ve been quasi-dating a chef who is four years younger than me. I always enjoyed his company and found him very attractive but couldn’t for see a future with him. Even though I’ve been flaky and broken several dates, he continued to pursue me. I agreed to go out with him a few days ago for one of his friends birthdays. When he walked in my door, my heart did a little flip and that totally surprised me.  For the first time in a month, I went on a date with The Chef with an open mind. I felt myself desiring to cuddle up to him at dinner or hold his hand. He kept me laughing the entire time.

When we got back to my place he showed me some very interesting videos on YouTube. I really enjoyed Tools The Fibonacci in Lateralus. I loved the philosophy behind the song and video.  The music is written to the same sequence as the Fibonacci Code and it encourages you to think outside of the box. It says to grow and expand like a spiral. While the genre of music is not one that I listen to on a regular basis, I was really glad that The Chef introduced me to the song. After this we cuddled on the couch discussing philosophy and life and made out some of course. As he was leaving he got my blood boiling and we made plans for Saturday night.

So now I’m dating The Chef.  He stimulates me intellectually, he’s funny, he’s sweet and thoughtful, fortunately he’s persistent, and he’s VERY HOT! He is a great body due to working out daily. He shaves his head which is gives him a Jason Stathom type look. Actually he reminds me more of Ewan McGregor.

Why don’t I see a future with him you may ask. Well while he’s a great person, a ton of fun and very cute, we have some fundamental differences. We have different philosophies on spirituality and politically. These are very huge for me. He’s also never been around children very much and he just doesn’t strike me as stepfather material. These were the reasons for which I originally was not interested in him but I realized that a man doesn’t have to be marriage material to date. Why can’t I date someone for fun even if I don’t see a long term future with them? If he makes me happy and we have fun together does there have to be more to it?

While I am on a search for my Mr. Forever can’t I make some shore excursions along the way to get to know some fascinating people and learn more about myself? I’m just over a year out of a 10 year marriage. There is no need for me to rush back to the altar. I’m going through a phase of self discovery and I don’t think it’s time to settle down any way.


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